I want to share my experience resolving hard problems(they were to me). This one was from hackerrank.

Here we’ll approached the ones that has a fixed size of 3 x 3


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I struggle maybe over a week in order to unveiling the correct logic to be applied to this problem. It was really frustrating to not came up with a good solution for many days. Then I decided I would record every failure I got into and made a notebook that can be shared between people in the same Journey.

When I…

Chances are that the getting started guide for apache beam, it’s maybe not for starters. That why I built this article, picking a couple of issues I face when trying to run their basic examples.

Each title represents a panic you may encounter when playing with apache beam, and right below you’ll find what it works as a solution for me.

filesystem scheme gs not found

imports for side effect to the rescue

More Details. FileSystem interface for Google Cloud Storage

falling back to unauthenticated gcs access; google could not find default credentials

  1. Setting a default account

2. Setting a default project

3. Creating a service account

4. Granting permissions to the service account

*Under construction

*Brainstorming *Dropping some ideas

How sweet this sounds? any idea what this means when coding?

If you are coming from a language like Javascript, this statement really does not make much sense by itself. Because the meanings we have for communication are pretty obscure on its design. What I am trying to state is that we do not think in terms of memory neither communication as a mechanism for tasks coordination.

However let’s try to match this words (communication and memory) to lines of code, so we can pictures them in coding statements. …

Diving deeper into building user interfaces you may encounter a few challenges in how to manage asynchronicity between features and events, the y may occur in a given point in time.

So we will be recreating the snake game using event composition with Observables.

warning: this is not a introduction to Observables neither to event composition and it may have a lot of mistakes which you could/ may point them out and I will be more than happy to take into account as a feedback.

There are plenty async primitives that empower us to model our application from callbacks, promises, to all way around to Observables. I chose Observables because it makes the…

I’ll be using @angular/material for the whole series.

Coming from an React Background you should find a lot of tentations making your Angular code feels like React, hopefully my mistakes would save you some time 😄.

Then let’s make one @Component,

Keep your eyes on,

todos.map( todo => <mat-grid-tile /> ... )

This should be get us back a list of <mat-grid-tile /> components but does it ?


The answer is not of course but let’s find out why.

Angular uses component/template duality for building interfaces, component has the business rol and template the view, (this duality does not make much sense in React). …

Out there in the wild forest of the Internet, there are not much content about deploying a Go server to the cloud and neither using the deployment manager. The focus about this series is trying to keep things easy and fast to deploy it. Having said that, we are going to keep the whole configuration in just one file.


We continue to use us-central1-a as a zone for the examples.

There are approaches that attempt to use too many configuration files (.schema, .jinja, .yaml), …

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Google Cloud Platform lets us treat our infrastructure as a collections of resources, each resource has properties that defines its behaviour. Consider the following:

Collection.yaml (an abstraction of real values)

So with this definition in place, we can say that our job as an Cloud Engineers should be expressing what resources do we want to be created and let our Cloud provider figured out how to create them.

But the above template definition is not quite correct since we cannot express ourselves that freely but using the correct syntax for value definitions. Then replace:

virtual machine for compute.v1.instance (resource type)

Components let you split the UI into independent, reusable pieces, and think about each piece in isolation

Components are the ones in charge of create Elements. Elements are the messages we send to the Browser to tell it how the UI should looks like.

Our UI
Our message to the Browser

The Virtual DOM

Since operations over the DOM are expensive to deal with, React allows us to abstract our UI in Elements (a.k.a Virtual DOM) an abstraction of Real DOM. The Virtual DOM is just plain objects that describes our UI.

React, however, also uses internal objects called “fibers” to hold additional information about…

“assorted-color work art decor” by chuttersnap on Unsplash

There are two approaches about how data should flow in WebApps, Unidirectional data flow (React) and two-way binding (Angular).

The React way

React approach tell us to manage the data in a unidirectional way, from parent to child. In essence this means child components are not able to update the data that is coming from parent component. In React, data coming from parent is called props.

Whether you declare a component as a function or a class, it must never modify its own props.

So what if a Child needs to talk back to its Parent, is it not allowed to do so…

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I write to fill my gaps not to show yours.

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